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Intelligent time registration

Everyone must report working hourswe can make it easy for you!

Soon it will be mandatory for all companies to get a time registration system for recording working hours. With an easy and tailored solution from Intempus, you ensure that you comply with all the requirements.

Meet a handful of our customers

+50.000 users register their work time with Intempus every day

Easy digital time registration with Intempus App

The ideal tool for the employee on the go.  

Full control and overview with Intempus Web

A user-friendly system that collects all data in one place

Easy clock-in/clock-out with Intempus Terminal

With Intempus Terminal the employees’ daily work time registration will become easier than ever – for all parties.

Choose the price plan that suits your business needs!


The Basic plan provides the necessary features for an easy daily digital time registration. Besides the features from the Light plan, you can:

  • Register work time
  • Automatic registration
  • Register all types of absence
  • Punch clock
  • Register expenses
  • Register mileage
  • Balances for holiday and sick leave
  • Calendar
  • Integration to salary system
  • 48-hour rule
  • 11-hour rule


The Pro plan is the excellent tool for an efficient digital administration. Besides all the features from the Standard plan, you will also get:

  • GPS tracking
  • 60-days-rule

Digital time registration tailored to your industry

No matter your industry and needs, Intempus’ time tracking tool can be tailored to you.


Intempus has a lot of experience with the carpentry industry and we know about all the specific requests and administrative demands of the business.


Are your employees mostly on the road during the work day? Then you can maintain the overview with Intempus’ digital solution for registrering time, rest and mileage.


Keep track of the daily time registration in your production company with Intempus that makes clocking-in and clocking-out easier than ever before and 100 % digital.

Knowledge service

Are you working as a consultant, architect or engineer then Intempus can help keep track of projects and billable hours easily and digitally.


The modern agriculture needs trustworthy overview and valide data. Intempus makes sure the system suits the needs of your company, machine station, shop or farm.

Real estate management

It can be tricky to keep track of tasks, work time and employees within real estate management with employees on the go and in the office. Intempus collects all data in one system.


Intempus can be tailored different types of companies within the service industry, amongst others temp agencies, cleaning, golf clubs and much more.

Your industry

Is your industry not listed here then don’t worry. Intempus can be used by all types of industries. Get in touch with us in order to hear more about what we can do for your company.

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