Comply with the 11 hour rule

With Intempus’ time registration system you can ensure that you comply with the 11-hour rule.

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What is the 11-hour rule all about

According to the Working Environment Act, employees are entitled to 11-hours of continuous rest within a 24-hour period. If an employee’s shift ends at 02.00 AM, he must at least have time off until 13.00 PM. The rule thereby ensures employees’ right to breaks between shifts.

What if you break the rule

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees comply with the 11-hour rule. If the rule is breached, you as an employer must note the extent of the breach – including the employees involved, the amount of hours of the breach and the reason for the breach.

As an employer, you risk being fined for breaching the 11-hour rule.

The app shows any breaches of the rule

In the employee’s Intempus app, they will be able to see a red/green bar at the bottom of the front page, depending on whether they comply with the 11-hour rule or not.

If an employee has a report that breaks the rule, it will be marked on the dashboard, and in the report itself they will have the option to edit it and indicate a reason for the breach.

See which reports break the rule

In Intempus’ administration system, you as an administrator can see if there are reports that break the 11-hour rule. As shown in the picture, a box will pop up asking you to note the reason for the breach.

In this way, you can ensure that you will be notified of any violations of the 11-hour rule, and that there is always a reason associated with the breach.

Wokring on-call or in availability service?

If you have employees who work either on-call or in availability service, you should pay ekstra attention to whether they comply with the 11-hour rule or not.

These employees must have a rest period of 11 consecutive hours during a period of 24 hours, and this period must take place outside the workplace.

However, according to the Danish Working Enviorment Authority about rest periods and days off, the rest period can be decreased to 8 hours in the case of special circumstances.

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