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Get to grips with the 60-day rule

Do you want to avoid missing out on tax-free driving allowance? Then you should get familiar with the 60-day rule.

What is the 60-day rule?

The purpose of the 60-days rule is to receive tax free mileage indemnity if you use your own car in connection with work. If the car is not registered in one’s own name it is essential that you have shared finances and split the expenses for the car. If the car is registered in your parent’s names, it only counts as ‘’one’s own car’’ if you are paying the expenses for the car. 

Within a period of 12 months you can receive tax free mileage indemnity for driving between your living place and your work place in the first 60 working days. The rule becomes particularly relevant if you have changing workplaces. If you work 60 days in a row in another workplace than the first one, the counting for the first workplace will be overridden and you can once more make use of the 60 days tax free indemnity. If you on the other hand have reached 60 days in the same workplace, then you can no longer receive tax free mileage indemnity. 

The rule counts for a period of 12 months which means that the driving that is more than 12 months in the past is not counted in. 

Comply with the 60-day rule with Intempus

It can quickly become a time consuming administrative affair making sure that all of the employees are compliant with the 60-day rule. However, with Intempus’ digital time registration system, you can get rid of the manual work, as the system can handle the 60-day rule completely automatically.

This means that when the rule is set up for your employees, the days are automatically registered when the employees register their work. Once the first 60 days have been used, the mileage allowance automatically becomes taxable until the employee starts driving to a new workplace.

Intempus helps you pay out mileage allowance

Driving in your own car or in the company car 

One of the great advantages of Intempus’ driving registration is that you can register whether you have driven in your own car or a company car. It makes work easier for you if the employee drives their own car and must be paid mileage allowance.

20.000 kilometer rule

At the same time, the system can be set up to the 20,000 km rule, so that the employee’s tax-free mileage allowance is always under control.

Register work mileage directly on projects

In addition, you can use Intempus to register milieage on various cases and projects. This gives you an overview of how much driving each project or case has required – and possibly the option to invoice it, if necessary.

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