Easy registration of absences right by the hand

It is important for everyone to keep track of their absence. Do you have your absence management under control?

Easy registration of absence on app or web

Do you register your absence correctly? Not quite sure…?

Absence registration can easily become a troublesome affair with a lot of communication between employee and manager. With Intempus, absence registration becomes easy and clear for all employees.

With Intempus, you can register all types of absence directly on the application or on the web, including holidays, days off, time off, time off in lieu, sick hours and much more. It is entirely up to your company to decide which types of absences your employees should be able to report.

In this way, the absence registration is made easy, digital and clear for both you as an employee and administrator.

+40.000 users bring Intempus to work every day

Overview for employees and administrator 

All absences can be tracked in different balances. On the app all employees will have an overview of their own balances and, as a an administrator, you will have the great overview of the employees’ balances in the administration system.

Get a full overview of the absence in the company

What is the meaning of absence? In a work context, it can be many things: care days, vacation days, days off, time off in lieu, sick hours, maternity leave, absence with leave, education and courses and much more. Therefore, absence mangement can quickly become a time thief for you as a manager. That is why we have made absence registration easy and accessible with Intempus.

With Intempus’ time registration application, the employee can register all types of absence, regardless of whether it is illness, long-term maternity leave or taking holidays and time off.

With Intempus’ Web, you as an administrator get an easy, digital system where you can keep an overview of employee absences – and much more. Here, of course, you also have the option of approving registrations, creating reports and planning e.g. holiday.

Do you want to start saving time on the necessary time registration?

Keep track of all the holiday rules with Intempus

The new Holiday Act has many advantages. However, it can also be argued that it has become difficult and less intuitive for both administrator and employee to keep track of accrued and used holiday days.

Intempus’ app makes it easy to keep track of holidays. As an administrator, you have a razor-sharp overview of all employees’ holiday balance. At the same time, the individual employee has his own overview in the app, which is always updated. In this way, the holiday accounts are always under control.


Frequently asked questions

Are you a new or existing customer and do you have any questions for Intempus?

Then you can see some of our frequently asked questions here.

Do we integrate to e-conomic?

Yes, we have a strong two-way integration that automatically lets data flow between the two systems. This means that if a new customer is created in e-conomic, the customer is also automatically created in Intempus.

Do we integrate to payroll systems?

Yes, we integrate to payroll systems such as Visma, Dataløn, Proløn, Danløn, Lessor and Epos.

Can mileage be recorded and how does it work?

Yes, you can easily register your mileage. Mileage can be recorded both via GPS tracking and by entering the start and end location. Mileage can also be registered both in private and company cars, and directly on projects.

Can I have a walkthrough of the system to get to know it a bit better?

Yes, we can give you a demo of the system, based on your needs.

How soon can we get started?

You can try the system already today. If the system is to be set up specifically for you, we will talk to you about this.

Are there additional fees when we sign employees up and can we unsubscribe them again if they don’t need to use the system?

We have no commitment period, and you can register as many employees as you want on an ongoing basis. You generally only pay for the active licenses you want to use.

Do you handle collective agreements?

Yes we do. We can set up overtime rules according to your collective agreement(s).

How does planning work? Can the employees plan themselves?

Our planning system is aimed at the administrator, who can then plan shifts and working hours for the employees. Therefore, employees cannot plan or change their shifts themselves.

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