Optimize your work as bookkeeper or accountant

As a bookkeeper or accountant, it is essential to keep track of working hours when you are working on projects for your clients. It can form the basis for salary, invoicing and the value you create for your customers. With Intempus, you have an easy and user-friendly system that provides you with the necessary overview.

Intempus’ user-friendly systems helps you and your clients

Spend less time on the administrative tasks and optimize your work

A set up tailored for you

Intempus can be easily adapted to your workflows. This means that you can register the exact work type in Intempus, so that both you and your customers can see what work you have done for them. You can easily register your working hours or absences on the Intempus app. If you have driven or had expenses related with customer work, it can just as easily be reported on the specific project.

Plan working hours

With the Planning module it is easy to plan your worktime and get the overview of your previous registrations.

Make salary and invoicing with a few clicks

With an integration to your salary and accounting systems, payroll processing and invoicing will be efficient and not least error-free. Your data is transferred from Intempus to the other system, from which a pay slip or invoice is generated.

+40.000 users bring Intempus to work every day

Get the needed overview with Intempus

Ease your bookkeeping or accounting

Regardless of whether you have your own one-man company or a good number of employees, it makes work easier and creates a greater overview with a time registration system.

A system like Intempus is not only about time registration. You get a large number of functions that complement each other while a number of manual workflows are eliminated, and at the same time, you get a greater overview and saves time.

The system makes it easy for you to keep track of working hours on projects or work types, which can then be easily approved and transferred to your salary and accounting systems. In this way, you can save time and optimize your administration with a solution from Intempus.

Easy registration of your work day on app or web

With Intempus, you can easily register the daily work on different projects. You can also register absences and milage, and with a few clicks, you can handle expenses and carry out invoicing and payroll.

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