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7 tips for choosing the right time registration system

Perhaps you have already made the decision, but still need to find the right system. Or maybe you still have doubts, but want to be fully prepared to take the leap. Either way, it is important to be well prepared when you have to decide which new time registration system you want to implement in your company.

Therefore, we give you 7 pieces of advice on what to consider and what to do when choosing a time registration system.

1. Know your challenges

Today, time registration systems can do much more than just time registration. In fact, you can use it for planning, quality assurance, etc. This means that you first of all have to look at what your challenges are. What is it that you want a system to help you with?

When you are completely clear about why you want a digital time registration system or one of the other functions, it is easier to figure out how to get started.

2. Take a look at your needs

Before choosing a system, look at your needs. This is connected with getting to know your challenges, but it’s also about looking at how the different systems cover your needs. Within time registration systems, there are simple and more affordable systems that can only do the basics, but also large, complex and expensive systems that can do far more than most companies need. Therefore, you should reflect on what your needs really are, so that you can look for the right system.

3. Think about how tech-savvy your employees are

In some companies, almost all employees are skilled technology users. In others, many only know the basics. Therefore, you must think about which system suits your employees best. It is a good idea to investigate how user-friendly the system is. This can be done, among other things, by taking advantage of the offers for a free trial period. This will help you find out whether the system is usable for all your employees.

4. Involve the employees

As with anything else new, it is a good idea to involve the employees in both thinking about and implementing the new system. Select e.g. some committed employees who can act as super users and test the system in their everyday life, so that you get the most out of your new system.

Some employees may get nervous twitches at the thought of a new IT system, but information often puts them at ease. The more you involve them and use them, the easier the transition will be.

5. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

One of the things that makes implementing a new system easier is if the system is flexible. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for a time tracking system that is flexible. In this way, the system can be set up exactly according to your needs. Among other things, the most flexible time registration systems can be set up according to different industries, different departments in the same company, take into account varying conditions for different employees, etc. And most importantly, a good, flexible time registration system can grow with you. This means that you are guaranteed that the system that suits you now will also suit your business in the future.

6. Get help from an integration

With a system that allows for integration, you can remove many of the manual and often time consuming workflows within the administration field. If you would like your time registration system to talk to your salary, accounting or other system and thus save time, it is a good idea to investigate the market for time registration systems that allow for integration.

7. Give them a call

The internet can provide you with a wealth of information about different time registration systems, but if you really want to investigate which one is suitable for your company, the easiest way is to give a call or send an email to the company behind the system. They are experts in the field and can help you find the best solution for your business. At Intempus, you can get a free demo of the system in 20 minutes. Book a demo here:

You are also welcome to give us a call: +45 26390400

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