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Digital accounting – what is it? 

Digital accounting refers to a digital accounting program that helps you keep track of everything in accounting such as invoicing, expenses, attachments, appendices, and deadlines from the tax system. 

A digital accounting program replaces many older accounting methods by giving you access to your accounts through an online platform. Many digital accounting programs also offer a mobile app, which makes it easier for you as a user to upload receipts and send invoices on the go, and at the same time it can ensure that your invoices are posted correctly in your accounts.

Having a digital accounting program has become particularly relevant after the Danish Parliament adopted a new accounting act, which requires companies to use an accounting program. The new Accounting Act implies, among other things, that appendices in paper form are no longer considered to be valid documentation for accounting. All accounting material must be stored digitally, e.g. through a digital accounting program or with storage in the cloud. You can read more about The new Accounting Act here. 

Having a digital accounting program has many advantages in relation to e.g invoicing, VAT and integrations.

Easy invoicing 

When you use a digital accounting program, you usually have the option of creating invoices directly in the program. There are many advantages to creating invoices through your digital accounting program. For example, you don’t have to worry about whether the invoice complies with all legal requirements – you just need to fill in the information about the customer, payment and products/service sold.

As mentioned, many digital accounting programs also offer a mobile app, which makes it easy to create invoices on the go, and which ensures that the invoice is posted correctly in your accounts. Doesn’t get any easier. 

If you have a webshop in your business, you can check whether your digital accounting program has an integration to this. If you choose to have such an integration, your orders can be automatically transferred to the program, so you can save time and avoid errors.

VAT can be reported with a few clicks

Are you struggling with VAT and VAT reporting? VAT reporting can seem like a heavy task even for the best business owners and accountants. If you choose a digital accounting program with a VAT integration for the tax system, the VAT reporting can be done with a few clicks. The VAT integration to the tax system ensures that you report the correct numbers to the tax system, which then will retrieve the numbers directly from the system and insert them into the correct fields in the VAT report.

In addition, a digital accounting program can give you a full overview of your VAT basis, so you can see exactly which invoices and bills give the output VAT and input VAT that appears in the VAT statement.

Easy time registration with an integration between Billy and Intempus 

With an integration between Intempus’ digital time registration system and the accounting system Billy you can easily transfer your data from one system to the other. This makes the administrative work even easier and reduces errors when a customer has to be invoiced for working hours.

Once the integration is set up, you can create a product that is used to record customer hours. As soon as the product is created in Billy and mapped with Intempus, you will be able to invoice through Intempus and transfer the invoice to Billy easily and simply.

Billy can also integrate with many other systems that you can use to automate the administrative work in your company. If you are interested in hearing more about Billy and their integrations, click here.

Still curious?

Intempus integrates with various payroll and accounting systems, which means that data is either automatically or with a few clicks transferred from one system to the other. An indispensable tool if your company would like to optimize the administration and make invoicing as easy and efficient as possible. If you are curious on whether Intempus can be integrated into your accounting system, you can see our integration options here. You are also welcome to book a free demo, where we can tell you more about how to optimize your administration. 

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