How much time can you save with digital time registration? 

Value can be created in many ways in a company. You can improve the company’s bottom line or try to increase the employees’ well-being and desire to work through various actions. But you can also create value by making time-consuming administrative processes more efficient, so that more time can be released for the tasks that create real value in the company.

Getting a digital time registration system can save a lot of time spent on administrative work by both employees and administrators. But how much time are we really talking about? We have asked a handful of our customers exactly that question, in order to gain an understanding of how Intempus has created value for them. 

90 working days per month

This is how much MiNALTAN saves per month by using Intempus. Before the company got Intempus, each employee spent approximately 1 working day per payroll run reporting hours. And with a staff of 90 people, it added up to 90 hours a month. Therefore, according to Accounting Manager Nils K. Pedersen, it is financially “absolutely crazy” that they did not get Intempus any sooner. Nils says that their expenditure on Intempus pays for itself on several levels: 

“Intempus has saved us the expense of another system, and at the same time it saves us administration work. The one-off cost of setting up the system itself has probably already been recouped”, he says.

20 hours per week

That’s how many office hours SuveRen – a cleaning company from Taastrup with 43 employees – saves by using digital time registration instead of time sheets. Just in administration and planning. This corresponds to ½ the salary of an administrative employee. According to Dansk Industri’s wage statistics from 2015, an accountant earns an average of DKK 34,224 (gross) per month.

1120 time registrations per month

That’s how many time reports the employees in SuveRen make per month. This corresponds to 52 per day and 13,440 per year. One thing is the quantity. But the quality is completely different. SuveRen reports hours accurately and continuously throughout the day and can now invoice the customers as soon as the work is completed. This provides a better overview and stronger liquidity in SuveRen. SuveRen pays approx. DKK 2,000 per month for their mobile time registration.

8.500 daily time sheets a year

This is how many time sheets a masonry company will use per year if it has 25 employees who are out on 1 ½ tasks a day. That was the case at Valdemar Møller’s apprenticeship. Valdemar Møller now has his own masonry company, A/S, with 21 employees. They all use simple, mobile time registration instead of daily time sheets.

90% less administration time

This is how much the owner of the contracting company MKH, Ivan Mørch Hermansen, saves on payroll and bookkeeping, after getting Intempus with an integration to e-conomic and Dataløn. “It may even be set low,” he says. Now the data transfer between the systems takes place completely automatically. This has meant that Ivan today only needs to spend about 10 minutes opening Intempus and approving hours and doing other administrative tasks. Previously he spent several hours.

Curious to hear more about mobile time registration?

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