Create digital travel books with Intempus

Digital travel books are a must for every employee that registers business mileage. However, there are some tax rules that you have to be aware of in connection with this. We will guide you through the most important rules and at the same time explain how you with a new system like Intempus can easily register your mileage. 

Registration of driving to SKAT

Initially SKAT does not have an approval process but bases their driving compensation on trust. If you need travel allowance you register your driving between the home and the workplace to SKAT. If SKAT asks for it, you have to be able to document a travel book or the like, and here SKAT has some requirements for what you should be able to inform. 

The tax rules for mileage registration

In relation to tax-free driving allowance, the employer must be able to document the following data about the driving:

  • The purpose of the trip
  • The destination, including any stops on the way to the final destination
  • The date of the trip
  • The length of the trip
  • The calculation on the basis of the rates
  • That the driving takes place in the employee’s own car

If you are fulfilling these criteria in the mileage registration, it will often be enough. 

How does Intempus deal with registration of mileage?

Since SKAT always has the right to ask for documentation for the mileage, it is important with a system that can systematize and manage mileage registration. With Intempus’ app for mileage registration you can register both the purpose of the project, the destination, date and length of the trip. Hereby all the formal rules are taken into account. The app can even register both private and business trips, just like data for calculation of driving allowance is collected by Intempus. Furthermore, it is possible to type in the license plate of the vehicle so that it is registered whether you are driving in your private car or not. 

Do you need a smart way to manage mileage?

Do you need an easy and effective way of registering business traveling? A way that lives up to SKAT’s requirements of tax free driving allowances which is not at all difficult for you or your employees? Then Intempus may be the right choice for you. If you are curious to hear more, contact us on +45 26390400 or book a free demo:

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