Sent home because of the weather? Get around the weather rules

Storm, frost, snow, cloudburst and heat wave. The weather conditions can have an influence on whether you can carry out your work tasks and work with the necessary tools and materials. Here, the employer can choose to send the employee home – so-called “weather permitting”. But what rules apply in such cases? Learn more here.

“Weather permitting” is the term for the situation where the weather prevents an employee from carrying out his or her normal work. If the employer cannot assign the employee other work, they can stop the work and send the employee home – provided that this has been agreed in the employee’s employment contract or collective agreement.

Sent home – rules in the collective agreement

Agreements differ, and not all allow the employer to send an employee home without notice. Likewise, some collective agreements may contain requirements for the employee to return to the employer as soon as the bad weather ceases and is no longer an obstacle to carrying out the work.

Sent home – rules in the contract

If an agreement about repatriation due to weather has been made in the employee’s contract, then this must be written with reference to a specific collective agreement, otherwise the employee cannot receive unemployment benefits.

Right to daily allowance

If you are sent home because of the weather – and your collective agreement allows it – you are entitled to G-days with the option of half days and a maximum of two days at a time. After that, the daily allowance takes over, where you then have to register as unemployed at the job center – if you wish and there e.g. is no prospect of returning to full-time work. Here, of course, you have to meet the requirements to receive unemployment benefits.

If an employee is sent home for 4 hours or less, half a G-day must be paid. The following daily allowance rate applies in 2023:

Employers’ unemployment benefits for G-days anno 2023: 

  • Full unemployment benefit: 911 kr./
  • Half unemployment benefit:  456 kr./

Easy management of weather and other G-days

A large proportion of Intempus’ customers work outdoors, and thus their work opportunities may be limited by wind and weather. With a user-friendly time registration system from Intempus, the employer can easily keep track of the employees, their hours and the projects they are working on or have been sent home from, for example due to the weather.

You are welcome to contact us on +45 26390400 for more information on how exactly we can help you and your company. We are also happy to provide a free, non-binding demo of the system so that you can get a feel for how we can facilitate administration for precisely here:

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