Sick during a holiday?

If you fall ill leading up to or during your holiday, you may come across the concept of “substitute leave” (da: Karensdage) – which are the first 5 sick days if you fall ill while on holiday. There are special rules for sick days during holidays, which you should be aware of both as an employee and as an employer. 

Ill before or during holiday

When you fall ill in connection with taking a holiday, there are different rules depending on whether you fall ill before the planned holiday or after the holiday has started. If you fall ill before your holiday begins, the employer cannot demand that you as an employee spend the holiday days. But if, for example, you fall ill the day before the first day of your holiday, you have the right to postpone the holiday to another time in the holiday period, which applies from September 1st to December 31st of the following year.

Don’t forget to document your holiday 

If you fall ill during the holiday, you can get a replacement holiday at another time during the period. However, this only applies if you have remembered to call in sick or can document with a doctor’s certificate that you have been ill. However, you must be aware that not all holiday days can be replaced. The first five sick days of a holiday are called substitute leave, and you cannot get them replaced if you have been employed for a whole holiday year – i.e. from the beginning of the holiday year in early September.

Correct calculating of vacation days

If you are not sick for more than 5 days in connection to your holiday, you cannot get compensatory vacation days. If your employment does not apply to the entire vacation year – if, for example, you began working in the company in January, then your employer must regulate the number of substitute leave days so that it fits relatively with the length of your employment in the period.

This means that if you are employed from the beginning of January, in the current holiday year you will be able to collect vacation days for 8 months, which must be multiplied by the number of vacation days: 8 x 2.08 days = 16.64 vacation days.

Substitute leave days are regulated after the entire vacation year, and thus constitute 5 out of 25 possible vacation days.

If compensatory holiday is to be given for 5 days, your substitute leave days in this case will be 3,33, i.e. 1,67 vacation days.

It’s quite a calculation. Since it is the employer who must control the substitute leave days in connection with the vacation, it is your job to be aware of when you can apply for compensatory vacation days, in the event that you fall ill in the middle of your vacation.

Did you get it all?

Here are the 3 rules you must be aware of when you are ill in connection with a holiday:

  1. You are allowed to receive compensatory vacation days after 5 sick days.
  2. You must report your illness to your employer on the first day of illness.
  3. You must pay for a medical certificate yourself to document your illness

Keep track of the absences 

With a digital time registration system like Intempus, it becomes easy for both the employee and the employer or the administrator to handle all types of absence – from vacation, sickness and care days to time off, maternity leave and, of course, substitute leave days. The employee simply registers the hours directly on the app, after which the administrator can easily approve and get an overview of the reported (absence) hours in Intempus Web. In this way, the employees’ hours and absence balances are always under control.

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