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Much more than just time registration

At Intempus, we are always looking for new talents with lots of passion and drive. However, we are not just looking for new employees to fill up the office. Instead, we gather people who have the will and courage to help shape Intempus and make a difference to our company.

The soul of Intempus is our employees – do you want to be part of our team?

One common goal​

A stronger Intempus. We believe in our product and work hard every day for others to see the same value that we see.

One common mission​

To create more time, overview and value for companies through intelligent, digitized time registration – which can do much more than record time!

One united team

A company is only as strong as its employees. Our development, skills and experience are what pave the way for Intempus’ success.

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Life of Intempus

What does the employees say about
the life at Intempus?
“At Intempus, there is not far from idea to reality. It’s great to be able to see your hard work in the hands of a customer and then be able to work on the customer’s feedback right away. In the office you can always find a colleague to spar with, so we end up with the coolest solution to complicated problems”. – Stefan Micheelsen, Backend Software Engineer

Stefan Micheelsen

Backend Software Engineer
“Even though I’ve been part of Intempus for a while now, I learn something new every day and am still challenged in my knowledge. One thing that makes it really cool is that we all work together crosswise. In this way, it never feels like the support team is that far away from a developer who can have a solution ready for a customer. It creates a cool dynamic that I am happy to be a part of.” – Sacha Tholberg, Customer consultant

Sacha Tholberg

Customer Consultant
“I started as an intern at Intempus back in 2019. After that, I continued as a sales consultant, where, together with the rest of the sales team, I chase our ambitious sales goals. It’s great to be able to see how one’s work contributes to the company’s growth while knowing that you make a real difference to customers every day!” – Niklas Hansen, Sales consultant

Niklas Hansen

Sales Consultant
“Intempus is my first work place as a software engineer and it has been a blast! We have an amazing international team where everyone brings something unique to the table. There is definite awareness that we are working together to give the best product experience to our customers. And most of all, it is so rewarding to see how not only the product is getting better, but we as a team and individuals are growing too.” – Inese Ieraga, Backend Software Engineer

Inese Ieraga

Integrations Software Engineer


A fantastic workplace

Here at Intempus, there are high ceilings, a flat hierarchy and an informal atmosphere. There is room for personality and diversity. Our Intempus family includes more than 10 different nationalities, and we are proud to have created a culture where there can be room for everyone.

Personal development

Intempus is a young company where there is an opportunity to take responsibility, test one’s talent, and mistakes are considered part of the learning process. The result is that we see colleagues grow with the task and find their unique role here at Intempus.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

We have coffee in long lines, so if you are a coffee drinker, there is a solid basis for getting your daily dose of caffeine from us. At the same time, we also have a lunch scheme, where we get together every day for a round of good food. Because without food and drink, the heroes will not do!

Part of a growing business

Intempus is growing, and the Intempuses are growing with it! This means that we are in a position where change, inspiration and new ideas are the focus of everyday life. If you would like to work in a valued environment where you can help make a difference and leave your personal mark, then you can achieve all that at Intempus.


Not everything is about work. We like to be social! Therefore, we often get competitive when we also have fun. Regardless of whether you have to eat lunch out, practice office yoga, hold a hackathon, train in the gym or drink Friday beer, it is an important part of being an Intempuser. We know that you work better with good colleagues.

Paperless – we love the rainforest

Intempus is a modern company, and we primarily use online tools to work and collaborate in teams, across departments and countries. In addition to encouraging our customers to ditch paper and digitize their processes, we also work as paperlessly as possible ourselves.

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