Company with salaried workers gained an overview of the employees’ hours

Rønde Sparrekasse

Helle Gudumlund

Head of administration at Rønde Sparekasse

Financial Institute in Rønde with 19 employees

The financial institute Rønde Sparekasse has used Intempus since 2017 and according to Helle Gudumlund, head of administration in the company, this has given an overview and gathered all the loose ends.

’We are a team of 18-19 employees and we only have salaried employees working here. We have benefited greatly from having Intempus to register overtime and time off in lieu for employees and this has definitely optimized the process,’’  says Helle Gudumlund, Head of administration at Rønde Sparekasse.

As an administrator Helle experiences that there is saved both time and trouble with the digital system. Without issues they can now invoice directly to their salary system, DataLøn. 

‘’Before this we used a spreadsheet, and this could really be challenging because all the employees had different ways of doing things. A lot of administrative time was spent on this. With Intempus everything is gathered in one place and it is simple to use,” she says.

The work day has become easier

It is not only the registration of overtime and time off that has been optimized in the financial institute. The work day has become more structured with the built-in calendar system, according to Helle. 

‘’I have access to see what the employees has in credit and I can quickly find all the numbers in the system, but it is also a tool we use to get more structure,’’ Helle Gudumlund explains.

According to Helle, Intempus’ digital interface makes it easy for a company that needs more than just normal time registration. It makes it possible to keep track of both invoicing, time administration and planning.

‘’Before, there could be several links to get through before you would know if the employee had planned time off, and there was a communicative challenge in the simplest of things. Now we have made an agreement that if you want to take time off within the fix time, you have to register it in Intempus beforehand. In this way, we have everything in the calendar and I can quickly make an overview of the employee’s hours. This eases the communicative workload.’’ 

At Rønde Sparekasse the administrative tasks have become easier, and now they have also gained more adjustments in the app, so that overtime is registered within a fixed timeframe. 

‘’We have made an adjustment so that some hours of the day give extra credit. This means that if we call in for a meeting, the adjustment in Intempus makes it easy, so that no one is in doubt about when it is registered. I have big expectations for this add-on,’’ Helle concludes. 

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