Digital transformation led to greater efficiency for service company


Christina Søs Guldhammer

Deputy Director at TRASBO

TRASBO is one of the oldest service companies in the country, which specializes in facility service, commercial cleaning, window polishing, mat service, private cleaning and laundry and dry cleaning services.

With more than 50 years of experience, TRASBO is one of the oldest service companies in the country. But as they grew into a more modern company with more than 100 employees, so did their need to have a system that could keep track of working hours, allowances and absences and various collective agreements. They chose Intempus with integration to Business Central and Danløn.

The service company TRASBO, which was founded in 1970, specializes in facility service, commercial cleaning, window polishing, private cleaning and laundry and dry cleaning services. Up until 2022, the shift planning and time registration happened manually. Christina Søs Guldhammer, Deputy Director of TRASBO, explains:

“Before I started in July 2022, the time recording and shift planning were done manually. We had to register a lot of information in several different places, we spent hours on internal coordination and lacked a complete overview.”

Christina started as a project manager at TRASBO in July 2022, where she was in charge of a digital transformation in the company. She needed to find one or more systems that could handle time registration and scheduling as well as all the employee’s collective agreements and allowances – e.g. evening supplements, night supplements and overtime supplements.

Flexible solution with app and terminal

They ended up choosing Intempus, especially because the interface is so simple, modern and easily accessible, Christina explains. But also because the system can handle their various agreements and supplements. Today, they have a solution with 2 accounts, where 30 of the employees register time and absence via a physical Terminal, which is located at their laundry, where they have their regular work routine. The remaining employees, who solve service tasks for customers at their addresses, register via the Intempus app. In this way, different parts of the system solve the different needs. According to Christina, the transition to both app and Terminal has been smooth for the employees:

“It has been surprisingly easy for our employees to switch to Intempus. The app is very intuitive, and there has been almost no doubt about how it works. Those who use the terminal also have the app installed, so they can keep track of how many hours they have actually worked.”

From an administrative perspective, the system has contributed to a better overview of e.g. the absence in the company:

“Since everything is now registered in one system, we can quickly get an overview of sick days, vacation days etc. We can get a status on a number of different parameters, much faster than before”, she says.

Several days saved each month 

When the employees have registered their working day in Intempus, the data is automatically sent to the administrators for approval, after which the data is synchronized in their payroll system, Danløn. This automatic exchange of data has saved TRASBO’s administrative department a lot of typing work and up to several working days a month, Christina explains:

“In relation to payroll, we have saved several days a month because we avoid all the typing work”.

In addition, Intempus has provided greater transparency regarding how many hours the various employees have worked and on which projects. They also use this as a basis for invoicing customers.

With the integration between Intempus and the ERP system Business Central, the invoicing process is now much more efficient. Data on customers and projects is automatically transferred from Business Central to Intempus, so that it only needs to be created once. Changes are even synced too. But it goes both ways, Christina says:

“The working hours spent on different tasks are transferred from Intempus to Business Central – and you can even work with future planned activities and through that, analyzes are made on capacity and financial forecasts are calculated”.

Available support

Should questions or new inquiries arise relating to the system, Christina has always been able to get hold of a support employee from Intempus:

“The support is always available, and they respond quickly and follow up on things. In case they need to figure out whether a requests can be accommodated, they always return within a short period of time,” Christina concludes. 

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