Digitization was the way forward for nationwide landscaping company


Lise Munch Kjeldsen

Responsible for HR and Marketing at BF-Anlæg

The nationwide landscaping company BF-Anlæg performs high-quality landscaping work for both private individuals and businesses.


It was essential for the nationwide landscaping company BF-Anlæg – who counts more than 140 employees with several different nationalities – to get a flexible time recording system that could support their working day and ambitions for the future. They needed a system that could be translated into different languages and that could record everything from active working hours, mileage and overtime to use of material and machines. They found that in the time registration system Intempus with an integration to the ERP-system Uniconta.

For almost 30 years, BF-Anlæg has offered a wide range of gardening services, including garden planning, hedge trimming, grass mowing, pruning of trees and shrubs, construction of terraces, paths and gardens as well as ballpark and stadium maintenance for both private and business customers. Today, the company has 140 employees spread over 3 departments in Viborg, Randers and Køge, from where their experienced teams of landscape gardeners work to create, advise, service and maintain gardens for customers all over the country.

At the beginning of 2021, they transferred to Intempus with the integration of the ERP-system Uniconta, because they needed to facilitate the manual workflows associated with time recording and payroll processing, and because they wanted a way to handle the many projects more easily. Lise Munch Kjeldsen, who is responsible for HR and Marketing at BF-Anlæg, elaborates:

“Before Intempus became part of the company, we had to deal with huge stacks of papers, emails and text messages from employees that had to be sorted. Therefore, we needed a system that could make time registration easier and more manageable. We got that with Intempus with integration to Uniconta”, Lise says.

Also, they needed a system that could handle multiple languages ​​because several of their employees are Polish speaking. So before transferring to Intempus, they spent relatively long time explaining to the Polish-speaking employees what the different terms on the payslips mean. That time is saved now.

Modern solution for an old-fashioned industry

It is important to pay attention to adapting to a more modern, digital world – perhaps especially for landscaping companies, because this is generally an old-fashioned industry. Here, it is obvious to look in the direction of digital systems for handling the administration and daily work processes. In the case of BF-Anlæg, they have experienced how the solution from Intempus and Uniconta has made data handling easier and supported their vision of becoming a modern landscaping company:

“If you want to run a healthy business, the way forward is to get your data under control. And that means getting some systems that can talk to each other and help minimize errors and manual workflows. Our integration between Intempus and Uniconta means that the reported work can easily be transferred directly to the accounting system with a few clicks, so you can keep track of the various projects at all times,” Lise says.

Flexible solution that can be adapted to the different approvers

Both the employees and the department managers who must approve the reported work have adopted the system, says Lise:

“I rarely get questions about the system from the employees, because it is so user-friendly. The way they can easily record hours and materials on the various projects is very straightforward, and it works regardless of whether it is our Danish or Polish employees who use the projects,” Lise says.

The different department managers may have different wishes for filtering the reports, projects or employees in connection with their approval process. But with the possibility to create filters and bookmarks in the system, it has not been a problem to meet the different needs.

“I fully understand that the different department heads may have different needs for what should be displayed in the system when they have to go in and approve or plan. So I usually ask them: “what do you need?”, and then I show them how, by creating filters and bookmarks, you can easily get the customized view of the system. And then they quickly realize how smart it is, and then it just runs smoothly from there,” Lise explains.

Solution-oriented support

When the administrators or employees have questions or wishes about the system that they cannot immediately find a solution for themselves, they have always been met by solution-oriented support:

“If questions arise that we cannot find answers to ourselves, I know that I can always call the support, who can find a solution. We are becoming more and more data-driven, and of course we need a system that can adapt to that. And here I always feel that the support helpfull. I also feel that the support has come up with solutions that push us even more in the right direction”, Lise concludes.

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