Museum facilitates project management and manual administration

Kroppedal Museum

Michala Kure

Accounting manager at Kroppedal museum

Kroppedal Museum, which today has 24 employees, investigates and conveys history from the scenic area around Vestskoven in Taastrup.

With everything from excavating and project-working archaeologists to archivists, historians and administrative employees on the staff list, it was essential for Kroppedal Museum to find a flexible system that could help them keep track of the many projects and employees with different agreements. They found this in the time registration system Intempus with an integration to the accounting system e-conomic.

In Vestskoven, just west of Copenhagen, you find Kroppedal Museum – a place packed with the history and astronomy of Vestegnen. Every day, approximately 24 employees work to investigate selected localities in the area through archaeological excavations, to ensure the preservation of cultural and historical values ​​and to convey both old and recent history from the historic and scenic location. In 2021, they switched to Intempus with an integration to e-conomic because they needed a system to handle the many projects their archaeological department is working on. Michala Kure, who has been the Accounting Manager at Kroppedal Museum for 3 years now, has helped implementing Intempus with integration to e-conomic with project management.

“When I started 3 years ago, I knew that I had to find a solution that could make it easier to manage the approximately 60 projects that we continuously work on here at the museum. Each place we dig is a project in itself, and we needed to get a better overview of them. And so we needed something that could replace all the extra time associated with managing the projects in Excel and at the same time minimize the risk of manual errors”, says Michala Kure, Accounting Officer at Kroppedal Museum.

Flexible solution for project managers and archaeologists in the field

The project managers and other employees at Kroppedal Museum have adopted the system. The solution has primarily made it easier for the project managers for the various excavations to keep an ongoing overview of the projects. Before they only got project reports once a month, but now they can pull them out of the system exactly when they want:

“The project managers can now continuously go in and pull out project cards themselves, so they can always get an overview of who has worked on which projects, and how many materials, expenses and field allowances are associated with them”, explains Michala Kure.

The other employees, including the archaeologists, have also experienced how the transition to Intempus has made their daily time registration more flexible.

“When our archaeologists are out digging, they just have their phone on them, and then they can report immediately. They do not need a computer or a place with internet. It works really well”, Michala Kure explains.

At the same time, the handling of expenses has become easier. The archaeologists must for example have field allowances every time they are out digging, so once they have registered it in their Intempus app, Michala Kure or the rest of the administration staff, can easily draw lists on it and pay the correct salary.

Safer system and greater data availability

Besides providing a better project overview making time registration easier for the archaeologists, the system has contributed to minimizing errors in the administrative department: 

“Mistakes do not happen in the same way as before. At the beginning, when we got Intempus, I ran an Excel sheet in parallel with the project management to be able to capture any differences, but whenever there has been a mistake, it has turned out to be manual action that has caused the fault. Not the system. This makes me trust the system”, says Michala.

Also, the data has become more accessible to the employees. For example, employees can now always see their vacation and time off balances whenever they want, instead of having to involve the administration department every time, as they used to do:

“Before, the employees couldn’t see how much holiday they would have earned on a certain date in the future, so if an employee needed that overview, we in the administration always had to go in and pull those lists out. We don’t spend time on that now. And at the same time, we can feel that the employees themselves feel safer having access to the data”, says Michala.

Michala concludes by saying that the next step for the museum is to get an integration with Dataløn, so, for example, the expenses can be automatically transferred to the payroll system. In this way, their administration will run as automatically, safely and smoothly as possible.

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