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LL Transport works smarter with Intempus

LL Transport & Entreprenør Aps

Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen

Owner of LL Transport og Entreprenør Aps

The company and their 22 employees handle tasks within transport (salting, crane and container service, etc.) and construction work (foundations, sewage work, etc.). Head office in Pandrup, and offices in Aabybro and Aalborg.


For LL Transport & Entreprenør, the transition to Intempus was a natural part of the strategic plan for the future of the company. Since then, they have experienced how Intempus with e-conomic ensures structure, overview and a better night’s sleep for the owner.

“Intempus makes our everyday life easier” – Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen, Owner of LL Transport og Entreprenør Aps

That’s how simple Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen describes what Intempus has done for his company LL Transport og Entreprenør. The company, located in Pandrup in Northern Jutland, employs 22 employees.

Some years ago, the company started to grow, and therefore Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen began looking for a system that could replace the physical time sheets.

“Each month we manually entered the working hours into an excel sheet. It was far too difficult and time-consuming”, he says.

LL Transport og Entreprenør chose to implement a digital time registration as a part of their strategic company plan.

“In our strategic plan, we decided that we had to pay attention to the administration, since we wanted to get rid of as much administration work as possible. We wanted to scale as a company, but we didn’t want it to lead to a heavier administration. That’s why we had to find a system that could make the administrative work easier, but also a system that could grow with us”, says Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen.

The right solution

Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen og LL Transport og Entreprenør found all this in Intempus.

The company’s external accountant had attended a course, where he had heard about Intempus. When Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen was introduced to this, he stopped the search for a system that would help them in the fight against escalating the administration hours.

!When someone you know recommends a product that works, there is no need to look any further”, says Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen about the choice of Intempus.

At the same time, Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen experienced that the employees welcomed the system from day one.

“Our employees are not the typical computer geeks. Therefore, it is important that it works logically and intuitively. Intempus has a simple user-friendly interface and a set-up where there are almost endless possibilities for what you can make of solutions, he says and explains that the possibility of adaptations has been incredibly important to them.

More sleep and less unnecessary work

For more than three years, LL Transport og Entreprenør has used Intempus to keep track of the administrative aspects of everyday work life. And Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen can clearly feel that Intempus makes a difference:

We experience a high degree of safety in the work process. The risk of us forgetting something is not nearly as great as if you have a stack of paper. We simply get the information faster, so we can get paid and invoice”, he says. He also says that it provides more transparency:

“We can measure the efficiency since switching to Intempus. Case processing has become faster, because you no longer have to wait for time sheets, which you get the following week. When the tasks are finished, we can invoice immediately. It also strengthens our liquidity”  – Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen, Owner of LL Transport og Entreprenør Aps

To Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen, it was also essential that Intempus could help make everyday life easier. He finds that Intempus not only makes it easier for employees and accountants, but also to a large extent for himself as owner.

“I now get a lot of extra time that I previously had to spend on handling work sheets. Now I have the opportunity to sit with customers instead of spending all my time on administration. This also means that my night hours can be spent sleeping instead of checking delivery notes”, he says.

From manual to automatic processes

Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen also experiences how the possibility of an integration between Intempus and Dataløn as well as e-conomic helps to facilitate the work by ensuring fewer manual links. At the same time, the fast updates mean that not many seconds pass before new information comes from one system to the other. The system is operationally reliable, as Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen calls it.

Therefore, he doesn’t get why anyone would have any concerns or skepticism when considering switching to Intempus.

“They can safely start using it. They will discover that everyday life becomes much easier”, says Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen.

He believes that Intempus has helped change the way they work in LL Transport and Entreprenør.

“Instead of expanding the administration as we grew, Intempus has made us work ‘smarter’ and not ‘harder’”,  – Kjeld Hedegård Nielsen concludes.

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