At MiNALTAN, they wonder why they didn’t get Intempus sooner  


Nils K. Pedersen

Accounting manager at MiNALTAN

Installation of balconies, based in Copenhagen, 90 employees.


“Financially, it’s crazy that we didn’t get Intempus sooner”. This is what Nils K. Pedersen, accounting manager at MiNALTAN, says after he has started using Intempus and has found out how much of an impact the system has had on all parts of the company.

Intempus is primarily about making work processes smarter and more efficient rather than saving money. These benefits are what MiNALTAN has experienced since they began using Intempus’ app for digital time registration.

Accounting manager Nils K. Pedersen was looking for a system with integration for both the company’s accounting and payroll systems, and he found that in Intempus, where employees register their hours, expenses and per diems, and also, Intempus keeps track of a specific mileage allowance.

Easy start – better infrastructure

It can be challenging to implement a new system in a large company, but Nils K. Pedersen was surprised by how easy it went with Intempus. He basically just handed over an employee list.

“Then Intempus came by for a meeting where we the administration staff and a project manager were well introduced to the system. And then we had to follow up on a few things afterwards, before the set-up was completely done and we could get started,” says Nils K. Pedersen.

He explains that after they got Intempus, they save approximately a full day’s work for one employee at each payroll run. At the same time, there has been a more logical division of who approves the hours for which employees at MiNALTAN.

“Beforehand, there was one person who approved. Now it has been distributed so that the individual project manager is responsible for approving the hours within his team. It makes much more sense that way, because one man cannot know what has happened and who has been working for longer or shorter time, when we are more than 90 employees,” Nils K. Pedersen says.

Financial overview of each case

With Intempus’ integration to e-conomic, it is also possible for Nils K. Pedersen to have each cost linked to a specific project.

“It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to assess whether the individual project is going well or not. If we just poured all the hours into one big box, we couldn’t know whether each project went financially well or not.”

And speaking of finances, Nils K. Pedersen does not hesitate to call Intempus a financially smart investment.

“Our expenditure on Intempus pays for itself. On several levels. Partly because Intempus has saved us the expense of another system, and partly because of the time saved on administration work. The one-off cost of the implementation itself has already been worth it all” – Nils K. Pedersen, accounting manager at MiNALTAN.

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