Growth and digitization goes hand in hand at Payview


Jesper Hatting

Founder and Director at Payview

The consultancy Payview helps companies to build trust in the processing of payrolling.

The consultancy company Payview, which helps companies to create trust in the payrolling process, has grown from 1 to 30 employees in just 2 years. With this growth, it has been crucial for them to get a digital solution that could both streamline their way of working and be flexible in terms of scalability.

“When you are a fast-growing consultancy company within payroll and accounting, a high degree of scalability is required in the primary self-service tools we use. Intempus has been helpful in getting the backend set up correctly, so that the right approval flow, department view and reports are in place and scalable”, says Jesper Hatting, Director of Payview.

With a digital solution from Intempus and with an integration to the accounting system e-conomic, Payview uses very little effort on the daily administration and time registration:

“The time registration runs almost by itself, because it is integrated with e-conomic, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. We have saved quite a few hours on invoicing, and that is great, as it is a very precious time, at a critical time of the month,’‘ says Mathias Holbæk, Financial Controller at Payview.

Time must be used properly

“We know that time is something we borrow from our employees, and therefore it must be used properly”, – Jesper Hatting, Director of Payview.

Using the time properly means, among other things, that the administrative tasks must never take the focus away from their mission to create transparency in payroll for all stakeholders. And since Payview implemented Intempus, several of their employees, who previously used larger payroll and accounting systems, have agreed that their daily work has been made easier in Intempus. The system makes it easy and quick for employees to access their own hours and register time on projects and clients.

’’Time recording is insanely easy in the app. You click, and then you have registered, and you can start driving straight away, so it is just so much easier than many of the other major providers, where it is very Excel-based,” Mathias Holbæk says.

The employees have all welcomed the system, and this is due to both the ease of use and the increased efficiency in their work processes:

“People come from very different places, and no one has ever said ‘I don’t think it works”. In a company like ours with exponential growth and a large customer base, it requires a system that works. And Intempus works.” – Mathias Holbæk says.

Also on the administrative side, Intempus has proven to be easy to adapt to. Among other things, their project management and invoicing have become easier:

’’In relation to project management, it just makes invoicing quick, because we don’t have to drag things out in Excel and enter it manually – now we can just drag it over. It just saves a lot of time.” Jesper Hatting explains.

And this important in a company that makes a living by selling hours and solving tasks for customers at project level, he emphasizes.

An exciting future

Looking into the future, both Mathias Holbæk and Jesper Hatting can see the benefits of a closer collaboration with Intempus:

’’Our scope is not that far into the future, but we expect to have 40-45 employees by next year, and continue to use Intempus, simply because it is brilliant. I also think that the system would work if we had 100-200 employees, because we are a consultancy and we have to register time and sort hours by clients. In doing so, it’s really just a perfect system,” says Mathias Holbæk.

Soon, Payview will also get an integration from Intempus to their payroll system, so that absence and mileage can be registered via Intempus. This allows the employees to use Intempus as one-stop shopping for their administrative data capture.

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