The growth increased as the administrative task were reduced

Q Nation

Nikolaj Langkilde

Founder & CEO in Q Nation

Test and quality assurance of IT systems, Copenhagen, 30 employees

Something has been done right if you grow from 1 to 30 employees in just one year – and make a profit at the same time. At the consulting company Q Nation, they don’t hesitate to say that Intempus has contributed to the tremendous growth.

When you talk to Nikolaj Langkilde, who is the founder and director of Q Nation, it is hard to understand that it isn’t more than a year ago that he sent out an invoice with the Q Nation logo on it for the first time. Key numbers already reveal a growth in Q Nation that other companies with several years on the market can only dream of having achieved. Q Nation, which is based in Vesterbro in Copenhagen, sells consulting hours for testing and quality assurance of IT systems. In other words: If you have developed a piece of software that you would like to have tested in depth to get to know it better, then Q Nation can help you. The majority of the employees are test managers who sell their consulting work on an hourly basis.

From manual management in Google to automatic management with Intempus

“Our entire infrastructure is on Google, as it is important to us that all our systems are cloud-based. In the beginning, we managed our time registration on the customers manually through Google Docs. Then I manually invoiced the customers in e-conomic. But with the growth we’ve experienced, the invoicing ended up being a huge and complicated task. Therefore I looked for administration solutions that could ease the work. I found Intempus to be the system that suited our needs the best,” says Nikolaj Langkilde.

“Intempus is easy, and our whole basic idea is that it should be easy to be employed by us.”

Easy start-up phase

The employees in Q Nation register their billable hours and their few internal hours as well as holidays in Intempus. In this way, Nikolaj Langkilde can maintain a complete overview of all parts of the business, while at the same time his administrative work has become significantly easier.

“Before, I had to make all sorts of extracts in Google Docs. Now I can pull out reports directly in Intempus. So I can predict our turnover quite accurately,” he says.

“Intempus has enabled us to continue growth and to avoid being suffocated in administrative tasks. At the same time, Intempus ensures that we minimize our invoicing deadlines, as they start from the day I send out the invoice.” – Nikolaj Langkilde, founder and CEO of Q Nation.

The implementation of Intempus has also been a good experience.

“By and large, we have been quite self-driving. Of course, when you ask employees to change their work processes, there is always some uncertainty associated with it, but I have heard nothing but positive feedback the first week. I found it easy to get started with Intempus. And by the way, it is a non-IT-proficient administration employee who has been responsible for the implementation with us. I hardly think you can give better feedback on a time recording system,” he concludes.

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