Independent accountant is saving time with Intempus

Stengårdens Bogføring

Anne Marie Olsen

Owner of Stengårdens Bogføring

Sole proprietorship in Slagelse

A shortened invoicing process 

In Slagelse the independent accountant Anne-Marie Olsen has dealt with accounting and finances for small businesses since 2014 as Stengaardens Bogføring and she now has a portion of customers that she is continually helping with their numbers. For almost the same period of time she has used Intempus’ time registration. 

‘’I became familiar with Intempus on a course I took at e-conomic and I thought it sounded very interesting. I have not regretted choosing to make use of it.’’ – Anne-Marie Olsen.

Even though spreadsheets are not an unfamiliar art for accountants, Anne-Marie Olsen is very pleased with optimizing the working flow as she is only one person in company.

‘’I used a lot of time every month having to interpret and count every number for every customer. It is easier going in and plotting the use of hours in the app when the month has passed, and then you can slowly and steady look through it all. When you are satisfied with the results, you just push the button, and everything is transferred to e-conomic and the invoice is approved and sent to the customer.’’ she says.

The overview is paramount

Anne-Marie Olsen believes that the time she used to spend on sending invoices to the customers is highly reduced with an easy time registration system and the functions makes it easy to navigate. 

‘’I also make use of specifying what it is, I have been doing. I plot it in as an item number so that I can choose which type of work, I have been doing – whether it is invoicing with a customer or whether it is regular accounting, I have done.’’

She also highlights the fact that as an accountant, it is indispensable to be able to keep an overview of one’s working hours and getting the right thing invoiced. 

‘’The coolest thing is that you have a quick overview of what you have registered, and whether you have gotten the pricing on all the lines that you have registered for the customer. Then I can tick them off, press approve and then they will automatically be sent to the system, where the invoice has to be transmitted from.’’

From paper to digitizing

It can be an intimidating process to take this step, especially when you are used to having to sit with all the information and details on your own. But Anne-Marie Olsen thinks that she gains a lot more on using a digital system:

‘’It is faster, and it is the system I think works best for me as compared to having to sit with a spreadsheet and typing in the numbers one more time. This saves me some time and makes it easy for me. I like that,” she concludes.

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