Cleaning company broke down the language barrier with mobile case management


Peter Nielsen

CEO in Suveren

Cleaning company, Hvidovre, 43 employees.

Suveren replaced the paper work with mobile time registration. In return, the cleaning company optimized their daily communication especially in regards to international employees. This released more time to do customer work – and enabled them to hire more employees.

Peter Nielsen, CEO of Suveren, spent far too much of his working week instructing his employees over the phone and keeping track of their time sheets.

But in June 2014, the redundant communication was to end. New methods were needed to streamline their administration and grow the business. Therefore, Suveren began a collaboration with Intempus.

“We’ve got a huge overview and can follow our employees’ work from day to day, so we can close the cases and invoice on the same day.” – Peter Nielsen, CEO of Suveren.

Saves 20 office hours per week with mobile time registration

The choice fell on Intempus because it was both tailored to Suveren’s needs for time registration and could be integrated with e-conomic.

“It has really been an effective tool for us. I probably wouldn’t be lying if I said I saved 20 office hours a week,” says Peter Nielsen and elaborates.

“Before, it took us many hours and a lot of energy to handle all the paperwork. We often invoiced the customer too little because we received the time sheets too late. “

With the newfound time came plenty of growth. In approximately one year’s time, Suveren went from 15 to 43 employees, while turnover increased significantly. This has only made the need for mobile time registration even greater. Since the introduction, the employees at Suveren have been diligent in using Intempus on a daily basis. In the first five months of 2015, they made 5,600 reports. This corresponds to 1120 registrations per month and 52 per day.

“I can feel a huge difference, because we register more precisely and include every hour. We’ve got a huge overview and can follow our employees’ work from day to day, so we can close cases and invoice on the same day,” says Peter Nielsen.

Accurate job descriptions have resulted in fewer misunderstandings

The company’s foreign workforce has enjoyed the new form of communication in particular. Although everyone attend language school and continuously learns to speak Danish, the app has minimized misunderstandings between the office and employees on the move.

“When I create projects, I often write a short, precise note on the matter. I then send an SMS with the project number to the employees who are going on the task, so that they can see for themselves where they have to work and what they have to do. It saves both them and me from a lot of unnecessary phone calls,” concludes Peter Nielsen.

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