Consulting Engineers company handles billable hours much easier

Tholstrup Consulting Engineers

Philine Tholstrup

Administrative Manager at Tholstrup Rådgivende Ingeniører

The consultancy company, which today has 8 employees, helps companies in the construction industry with client advice and commissioning.

4 years ago, Tholstrup Consulting Engineers chose to implement Intempus in their company to make it easier to keep track of the internal and external consulting hours. Today, the digital time registration system helps the administrative manager, Philina Tholstrup, to keep a full overview of billable hours, while the time registration has become more manageable for the consultants.

At Tholstrup Rådgivende Ingeniører, they have worked with client consultancy and commissioning for many years. With quality, time and economy at the fore, they advise major construction projects every day to ensure that every construction meets the success criteria of all parties. As a company that works on an hourly basis for other clients in the construction industry, according to their administrative manager, Philina Tholstrup, it has been essential to get a system that could keep track of consultant hours and ensure accurate invoicing. That is why they chose to work with Intempus shortly after the company started 5 years ago.

“Our service is our work hours. Therefore, it was necessary to implement a time registration system, so that the consultants could register their hours in a precise way, and so that I could get an overview of how much work has been done on a customer in a certain period and so that I could invoice customers on that basis. That’s why we chose Intempus” – Philina Tholstrup, Administrative Manager at Tholstrup Rådgivende Ingeniører.

From manual work to automatic system

Before Tholstrup Rådgivende Ingeniører got Intempus, they handled administrative tasks via Excel, but when the company grew from 2 to 3 and later 8 employees, it became clear to Philina Tholstrup that a more manageable and automated system was needed. Today, they have an integration to e-conomic, which according to Philina Tholstrup, facilitates all parts of the accounting and invoicing process.

“The integration between Intempus and e-conomic is excellent. It’s easy, I can retrieve all the relevant information and reports I need. Compared to how I did the tasks before, with Excel, there has been a big difference” – Philina Tholstrup.

For the employees too, it has been easy to let Intempus become a natural part of the working day. Gradually as the staff has grown, they have introduced the system one at a time, with the result that all consultants now use the system without problems.

The support is crucial

For Philina Tholstrup, it has never been the aim to have a “large and chrome-plated system that can do a thousand things”. Instead, she appreciates the simple and clear solution that can fulfill all the company’s needs in a completely uncomplicated way. At the same time, she sees the personal support as crucial for a time registration system that works.

“No matter what questions I call about, I get a good answer. And it’s especially important to me, because I’m the old-fashioned type who doesn’t bother with video tutorials. I would much rather have personal contact. And Intempus has always answered in a way that doesn’t make me feel like it was a “stupid” question. They are really talented in their customer support team”, says Philina Tholstrup.

If, for example, she needs to extract larger and more complex reports and data from the system, or if she has a question about something more technical, Philina does not hesitate to call support to get guidance on the spot.

I’m not an IT geek, so I need to be able to call in to a support where they don’t have 300 people, where you’re just a number in the line and get a standard answer. With Intempus, I have felt supported from the start in a super good and personal way”, Philina Tholstrup explains.

Although it is the management of the billable hours that the company primarily uses Intempus for, Philina is open to the idea of ​​using more of Intempus’ features in the future, for example if the company continues to grow:

“Right now, Intempus can do everything I ask for, but if we continue to grow, we may need more features later on,” Philina Tholstrup concludes.

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