Intempus and Inspectly has digitized the work flow at VAM A/S


Jesper Vang

Quality, environmental and work environmental leader at VAM A/S

Company in Auning with 140 employees.

At VAM A/S they had to think more digitally when they a year ago had to discuss how best to prepare the company for the future. Intempus and Inspectly therefore became a natural part of their new digital strategy – which saves them a lot of time and gives them more satisfied customers. 

With 66 years on the market, 155 employees and a reward from 3F for Workplace of The Year in 2014, the contracting company VAM A/S is an established and stabile company focusing on development. Sometimes it demands a bit of extra work to ensure that you are on the right track for the future. 

Therefore, VAM has in the latest years introduced a digital strategy and explored the many digital opportunities there are that contribute to making the work more effective, easy to manage and time reducing. 

The wish about effectiveness and optimization is one of the reasons that VAM in May 2018 started using Intempus and their digital time registration system. 

‘’We had the goal to be more digital and we thought time registration as a natural part of the company’s digitalization process,” Jesper Vang, the quality-, environmental- and work environmental leader in VAM, says. 

Shortly after this VAM made use of Inspectly and both systems was in contrast to the way the company earlier had dealt with time registration and quality control. Earlier the time registration was on paper and in Excel and after this, the time registrations, machine usage, mileage and so on had to be re-registered. 

According to Jesper Vang this means that the implementation of Intempus has reduced one work procedure for VAM. 

Digital integrations saves time

One of the big reasons that VAM chose Intempus and Inspectly after looking into the market for digital solutions for time registrations and quality control, was that the company wanted systems that could share data. This was possible for Intempus and Inspectly and this meant that no third party system was needed to develop an integration. It was an advantage for VAM when talking about both finances and ressources.

The fact that the systems can be integrated with each other but also with other systems makes VAM avoid having to create projects in all of the programs. Instead they can create the project in one place and then it will automatically appear in all the other systems. 

‘’The integration saves us a whole lot of time. Often an employee has to use a project number immediately, and then it does not make sense first to create it in all of the systems. The integration makes it possible for our employees to get the work started faster’’, Jesper Vang says.

Systems that are easy to use

Besides the integration, the userfriendliness in Intempus’ system is of great importance for VAM’s choice of system, Jesper Vang explains: 

‘’The build up of the app is similar to the way we registered the hours on paper, which makes it more simple for the employees. The app has a modern design and is easy to use. At the same time, we needed a system where we could register the machines on a few projects. This opportunity was given to us by Intempus,’’ Jesper Vang says.

At the same time, the digitalization of the company’s quality control was a necessity. To digitize the company’s quality control ensures stable work flows all the way around. VAM’s employees can now document directly on their mobile devices. The project leader can follow what is happening in real time which makes it easy to use and gives more time for other tasks. 

Inspectly’s flexible system has made it possible to expand on digital work processes to other areas like shortage lists, supervisory notes and service inspections. This is also relevant for specific situations, security meetings, risk assessments and audit. 

Besides giving more valid numbers, the systems’ digitalisation of quality control with the help from iKontrol has made it easier to follow the customer’s rising expectations in regards to quality and delivering of documentation.

The employee’s are saving time

The employees in VAM has welcomed the system. Jonas Taasti is a construction worker in the company and he was very positive when the management introduced Intempus and Inspectly for the employees last year. 

‘’I thought that it was about time. As a company we need to follow the time and make work flows as simple as possible. The technology is there to help us – and I feel that it does.’’ 

It is especially in regards to the time, that Jonas Taasti is sensing a difference: 

‘’It has simplified my everyday life and I am saving time every day, not having to keep notes on paper, deliver notes and so on. I no longer experience that the design is getting wet by the rain and can no longer be read.’ now have everything collected digitally and this gives me a sense of security because as long as I have my phone, I have everything I need,” Jonas Taasti says. 

Digitization is a necessity

At VAM they know that digital solutions is a requirement to keep up with the development in the industry in regards to being on top of things. Therefore they will continue to optimize and digitize all the work processes that make sense to digitize. 

“t is always an investment when we introduce a new digital system and there are a lot of hours invested in getting the system to run. After this we will harvest the fruits of having a system that is far along the road autonomos,’’ Jesper Vang explains. 

For VAM the digitalization of workflows is a necessary development that at the same time is very educational. Jesper Vang has a good advice for the company’s that are considering more digital solutions: 

‘’It makes the process easier if you as a company know your own needs before you start searching to implement a new digital system. For us, systems like Intempus and iKontrol create a security that we are in control of our time registration and quality control. This gives more mental resources in everyday life amongst our wage earners, leaders and our customers’’, he concludes.

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