Easy clock-in/clock-out software with Intempus Terminal

Should it just be easy and straightforward to register working hours? With Intempus Terminal, you can plan shifts so your employees can easily check in and out of their working day.

Intempus Terminal is the easy clock-in/clock-our solution for you!

Adapt the system to your workflow

Check in on your shift

With Intempus Terminal you and your employees can easily do your time tracking at work by checking in on your scheduled shifts. When the work day is over you can easily check out again and in this way the working days are registered 100% digital. 

Create a flexible tolerance limit

You can create a tolerance on scheduled shifts for your employees. This means that there might be a time frame of 5, 10 or 15 minutes before the shift begins or ends where the employee can still check in or out on a shift within the scheduled time.

Choose a reason for deviations in shifts

If the employee’s time registration deviates from the scheduled shift there is a possibility to choose a reason. It is entirely up to the company to decide which of the reasons the employees are able to choose. It can be sickness, time off in lieu, overtime, leave without pay, etc. 

Register overtime automatically

If your employees are working overtime, you can alter the overtime rules in Intempus so that overtime is automatically registrered within the correct rates. In this way you avoid having to deal with different overtime allowances and shift allowances manually and instead do it automatically with Intempus in full compliance with the Industrial Agreement for hourly-paid employees. 

Easy administration

With Intempus Web, administration becomes easy. Here you can see if your employees have checked in, easily plan shifts and approve registered work.

Easy check in/check out registration on app

Begin the workday anywhere and check in and out with your mobile. 

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