Make more time for the important work

Do your employees register the entire work day when they are on the go? Details can easily be missed during their busy work day, and suddenly your invoices can lack important parts. Therefore, it can have financial benefits to introduce a simple and mobile system that helps your employees register everything correctly.

With Intempus by the hand, the work day becomes much easier

Spend less time on boring tasks and optimize your work flow with Intempus

Register the work day

Intempus’ app is a time tracking app for employees that makes it easy for employees to register work hours, machine usage, mileage, expenses and supplements directly on projects. That way you make sure that everything is reported and nothing is forgotten. The reports are ready for invoicing at the office just seconds after the employees have made them.

Plan work time

Plan shifts and work time with Intempus’ user-friendly Planner module. That way you can ensure a good overview of planned and reported work time for employees and projects. Planned activities will appear as suggestions for the employees directly on their app making it easy for them to know what to work on and register the work afterwards.

Handle piece work effectively

Intempus can effectively handle your piece work setup so you won’t have to keep track of dividing the correct sums to the right employees. Instead Intempus will do all the hard work for you so you can maintain the overview and control.

Collaboration with quality assurance

With our photo and file feature, you can take or upload files to reports on project as well as write a comment, so the quality assurance is in check. Are you using an external system for quality assurance, you can connect it with Intempus through integration.

+40.000 people are using Intempus every day

Register work day easily and digitally

Keep track of your project work

… so that you can quickly and effectively invoice your customers. We have many years of experience with the construction industry and we know the needs and work flows of the industry.

That is also how we know how to tailor the system to fit your business needs and collective agreements.

Want to know more? Reach out to us for a chat about your business and how we can help you with an easier work day.

Register the work day – quick and easy

With Intempus’ easy time tracking system you can easily register work time, over time and mileage as well as plan project work and handle piece work. You can also register expenses and usage of machines. All this makes your invoicing and payroll easier and more effective than ever before.

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