Intempus & e-conomic make the working day easy

With a solution from Intempus and e-conomic, you ensure an easy data transfer between your time registration system and your accounting system. At the same time, you reduce administrative work and errors and get more time for the tasks that create value for your company.

Intelligent time registration with Intempus

Intempus’ digital time registration system is the intelligent and necessary solution for the modern company.

Once that data has been verified and approved in Intempus, it is ready to be automatically or manually transfered to e-conomic.

Get control over the accounting with e-conomic

e-conomic is a digital accounting system that can be adapted to all companies, regardless of industry, company size or how digitized your accounting is.

Intempus & e-conomic have a two-way integration making it easier than ever to invoice your customers and manage your projects.

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