Working on a flexible time schedule?

With Intempus, registration of flex time hours becomes easy for everyone in the company. The working hours can be easily registered via the mobile phone or the computer, and then the hours are automatically registered in the flex time account, so that both employee and administrator can keep track of the flex time balance.

Keep track of the flexible working hours with Intempus

Keep the overview of employees’ flextime

Are you missing an overview of your employees’ flextime, and do you spend too many hours on calculating working hours? Or are you unsure whether flex time is being registered correctly? With Intempus’ time tracking app for employees, they can easily register working hours. At the same time, you have a complete overview of how much flex time and time off in lieu the individual employees have.

Set up according to your agreement

Depending on which collective agreement you follow in the company, Intempus can be set up to register and calculate the correct overtime work automatically.

Everything in one place

With Intempus, you get a system that gathers all data in one place. Among other things, you can get an overview of all the registered working hours, time off balances, vacation balance, overtime work and milage – all in one single app.

Integrations for payroll or accounting systems

Integrations allow Intempus to talk to your payroll or accounting systems. This means that your payrolling or accounting can take place right after the employee has completed the working task.

Register flex time hours and keep track of the time off in lieu

With Intempus’ app, you have a user-friendly, digital tool for registration of working hours. Via the app, you choose to register your working hours, and then the flex time balance will automatically and continuously updated continuously. With the flex time balance, both the employee and the administrator can always keep an eye on the calculations.

If you use time off in lieu, the system can also be set up for this, so that earned and spent time off in lieu is always registered on the balance of time off in lieu. Just like with the flex time balance, the time off lieu balance will always be accessible, so that both the employee and the administrator know how many hours of time off in lieu the employee has.

Keep track of the earned
days off with a time bank

Get the full overview with Balance 

With Intempus, employees’ balances are handled automatically. With the balance calculator, you can choose which date you want to see your balance for, regardless of whether it is in the future or past. The system makes it easy for both employee and administrator to maintain a full overview of flex time, vacation days, maternity leave and all types of absence.

Time off in lieu

If you work beyond your normal working hours, you can register the extra work as time off in lieu, which is automatically added to your balances. If you want to take a few hours off at a certain time, you simply register the absence as time off in lieu hours, which are then automatically deducted from the time off in lieu balance. In this way, both employee and administrator always have a completely correct overview of the balance of time off in lieu.

Overtime work

In Intempus, overtime rules are set up in accordance with your collective agreement, so that your overtime work is always under control. The system helps to calculate various overtime allowances, so that everything is ready for payroll processing after approval.

Vacation days

When you accrue vacation days each month, they are automatically created in the system, which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your vacation balance. In Balances, you will always be able to see how many vacation days you have earned, spent and have in remain. At the same time, you can also see how many vacation days you will accrue in the future by using the Balance Calculator.

Absence registration

With Intempus, absence registration becomes easy for all employees. It is possible to register both planned absences and sick days.

Maternity leave

If you have to take maternity leave, you and your administrator can keep an eye on how many maternity days you have left in Balances.

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