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Intempus integrates to external systems, including salary and accounting systems. With an integration between Intempus and your other systems, data can automatically or with a few clicks be transferred from one system to another. This can save your administration hours and mistakes.

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Integration to your accounting- or ERP-system

The interaction between Intempus and your salary-, accounting- or ERP system can improve the bookkeeping in the company. Approved registrations can be transferred automatically or with a few clicks from Intempus to your accounting system, from which the customer can be invoiced immediately after the work has been completed.

An integration between Intempus and your accounting system is an essential tool if your company would like to optimize its administration, make invoicing as easy and efficient as possible and maintain the financial project overview.

e-conomic integration til Intempus

e-conomic is a user-friendly accounting system for small and medium-sized companies that need easy invoicing and project overview.

Microsoft Dynamics’ 365 Business Central is the optimal system for the company that needs a tailored ERP system.

microsoft dynamics nav

Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV) is the smaller and older version of 365 Business Central for companies that need a customized ERP system.

Uniconta is a complete ERP and financial system for companies that either have simple needs or complex processes.

EG Artesa is an industry-specific software whose systems form the administrative and financial foundation of many companies.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a complex ERP system for larger companies that need a unified system for everything from operations and finance.

C5 is an accounting program which is used primarily for finance, supply chain, project management and analysis in smaller and medium-sized companies.

Integration to your salary system

Make payroll easier, faster and with fewer errors than ever before. With an integration between Intempus and your salary system, the administrative time spent on payroll is reduced from hours to minutes.

With Intempus you can besides working hours also keep track of overtime, time in lieu, expenses and absence. This makes your monthly or weekly payroll easier than ever before.

DataLøn is Denmark’s most used payroll system, which delivers payslips to over 60,000 small and medium-sized companies.

ProLøn is a modern payroll system for companies that want an easy and smooth payroll process month by month. ProLøn is part of Visma.

Visma Enterprise is a payroll system for larger companies, and every month it helps to ensure correct salary for +250,000 employees.

LessorLøn is a payroll system for small and large companies. The system is adapted to the various requirements and needs of the companies.

Danløn is an easy, secure and affordable online payroll system that makes payroll easy and straightforward for more than 70,000 companies.

Integration with file transfer

With an integration with file transfer, it is possible to create a custom file export that fits the system you use. We already have a number of systems with a custom file export, which means that approved data from Intempus can easily be exported in an excel file and uploaded in the other system.

Here is a selection of the systems we have a custom file export for today. Do you want us to create a custom file export for your system?

epos løn integration til intempus

Epos Løn is one of the most flexible salary systems on the market. It has everything you need to ensure correct and automated payroll.

Intect lønintegration til intempus

With the easy & innovative payroll system from Intect, the payroll administration can be tailored to your company’s needs.

zenegy løn integration med filoverførsel

Zenegy’s payroll systems are made for both small and large companies. With the system you get great flexibility and automation.

Other integrations

Intempus can be connected to other systems, so that the interaction between systems in your administration becomes as easy and automatic as possible. Intempus can, as an example, be connected to your work calendar, a mobile communication platform and quality assurance system that can help lift your business administration to new heights.

Outlook kalender integration til Intempus

With an integration between Intempus and Outlook Calendar, the employee’s work calendar is synchronized to the Intempus app which makes it easy and quick for the employee to register the working day.

Inspectly integration med Intempus

Quality assurance is a must for many companies. The integration between Intempus and Inspectly digitizes and elevates the quality assurance process in your company.

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