Optimize your time registration with AI

With Intempus’ time registration with AI, you can ensure less administrative work and more correct data.

Get an easy, secure and efficient administration with your AI helper

Automatic error detection and fast approval

How does AI improve daily time recording?

With the Anomaly detection feature, you get better insight, more control and fewer errors in your time registration than ever before.

The feature continuously gains knowledge about the patterns of the employees’ registrations and will then be able to point out the reports that stand out and have a high risk of being wrong or contain errors.

In this way, you as an administrator can quickly get an overview of which reports you need to take a closer look at.

The feature that helps you get an overview

When the Anomaly detection feature has collected the necessary data, it will be able to point out which reports do not have deviations and can therefore be easily approved, as well as which reports have minor or strong deviations, which should therefore be investigated more closely.

In this way, you can ensure that the correct registrations can be approved quickly and that the time can then be spent to correct error reports. Here you can see the result of how the anomaly detection feature sorts data for companies on average. The feature can find incorrect reports and reports with errors with up to 80% probability.

Get a notification when you forget to report

Give your employees a helping hand – completely automatically

Do your employees sometimes forget to report their working hours? Everyone can forget one or more reports during a busy working day. With Intempus, your employees can automatically receive a push message on their mobile if they have forgotten to register all or just part of the working day in the system. It is of course up to you how the system should be tailored to you needs.

Smarter registration of expenses? Yes please!

Make registration of expenses easier and more intelligent

With the new and optimized expense report feature it becomes easier than ever to register expenses. When an employee wants to register an expense and take a picture of the receipt, the picture will be scanned and the amount registered automatically. If the amount is in another currency, it will automatically be registered in Danish kroner based on the current exchange rate.

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