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We know how important it is to have control over all parts of the administrative process – especially for companies in the knowledge sector.

That’s why we have created a system that gives you an overview of everything from employees and time spent on different projects to expenses and mileage.

Intempus makes the work day more efficient

Track time and absence

Intempus’ app makes it easy and accessible for your employees to register working hours and absences. The app can even be set up for your specific work types and absences, so you can keep track of how the time is spent.

Automatic management of time off in lieu

Intempus can be set up with daily standard hours and a balance of time off in lieu. In other words, the time off in lieu is automatically calculated if your employees register time outside the standard hours. All this is visible in their balance overview.

Keep track of receipts and expenses

Have you had lunch with a client? Or had other expenses related to work? Then you can easily add receipts, allowances or expenses in the Intempus app. The expense can also be linked to one specific project.

Less typing – more data

Easy time tracking of work and projects on app

With a large number of customers and employees, it can be difficult to maintain an overview. How many hours were spent on the project? Did the employee register mileage or expenses to the project?

Intempus makes project time tracking simple and easy for all employees. With Intempus’ app, your employees can easily register the time spent on different projects – as soon as the work is over. At the same time, you ensure a that the correct amount of hours are registered on the corrects projects on the correct day. Besides reducing the risk of errors, it also reduces the risk of inconsistency, because the employee himself has recorded his working hours as soon as the work is over.

With the Intempus app, employees can always keep track of their working hours, vacation days, sick hours, overtime, time off in lieu and much more.

Get the full overview of your company

Integration and quick invoicing

One of the many options in Intempus’ system is integration with one of our salary and accounting partners. With an integration, your data from Intempus can be automatically transferred to your salary or accounting system.

This also means invoicing can be done much faster. As soon as the employee has reported the work, you can invoice the customer for the work with just one click.

This means that you save a lot of time and manual steps when invoicing your customers.

+40.000 users bring Intempus to work every day

Easy time registration with an Outlook Integration

With an Outlook integration, you can connect your Outlook calendar to your time registration system. This means that the employees’ planned events in the Outlook calendar are automatically synchronized into the Intempus app, where the event can easily and simply be turned into a registration with a single swipe.

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