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Register mileage fast and easy with Intempus!

Overview of mileage expenses

All mileage can easily be registered in the Intempus app. From there you will have a digital overview of how much time is spent on the roads and you can easily keep track of transport expenses.

Easier mileage tracking

With Intempus’ simple system your employees only need to register a start and ending location. Then the system will calculate the distance and save administrative time for both employees and administrators.

GPS tracking

With Intempus you can track your employees on the road with GPS. You can either use Intempus’ own GPS-module or integrate Intempus with a GPS-tracking system that can track vehicles and machines.

A few clicks to reliable mileage registration

We all know how time consuming it be to find and calculate the exact amount of killometers, note it somewhere and then having a colleague to enter it into the system. 

With Intempus you and your employees save time and will get much more security for correct data, when the manual double work is eliminated.

As employee you just have to type in the start and finish addresses. Then the system will automatically calculate the kilometers and register it in the system. 

Keep the 60 days rule automatically

You can also use the GPS-tracking feature, where the GPS will track and calculate the mileage – and with a few clicks the mileage registration is made. If you need it, we can set up the system to automatically keep track of the 60-days rule.

+40.000 people already uses Intempus today

Intempus helps you keep track of mileage

Private or company car

One of the easiest things about registering mileage in Intempus is that you can choose to register driven kilometers in your own car or in the company car. This makes it easier if the employees drive their own car and needs reimbursement.

20.000 km rule

The system can be set up with the 20.000 km rule, which means that it is easy to keep track on their tax reimbursement for mileage.


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