Easy time registration with an Outlook integration

Register the daily work easier than ever with an integration to Outlook

Make your time registration easier like +1.500 other companies

Time registration has never been easier

With an integration to Outlook, your employees can connect their Calendar with their time registration. That means that planned events in the Calendar will be synchronized with Intempus’ app automatically and will appear as suggestions for registrations directly in the employee’s app.

That makes it super easy to report the many different tasks, meeting and projects throughout the work day.

Connect your systems

Once your employee’s planned events from the Outlook Calendar is synchronized in Intempus app, it becomes easy for the employee to turn them into reports. All it takes is a swipe to right and it’s done. If the report needs more details, more information can quickly be added such as a customer project, expenses, mileage or machines.

Outlook Calendar events that stretches over a period of more days, will be divided into more reports that can be approved individually.

Interested in time registration with an Outlook integration?

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