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Light plan

For companies who just need absence registration

For DKK 29 the Light plan is the perfect solution for companies who only need absence registration and a good overview.

Many companies with salaried employees find this solution to be the best to fit their needs.

Basic plan

For companies who just need the basics

For DKK 59 per employee per month, the basic plan gives you the core feature of Intempus: time registration! With the basic plan, your employees get access to Intempus’ app, where they can register their work. In addition, they can also register vacation days, sick leave, etc.

At the same time, as an administrator, you get access to an administrator page, which gives you an overview of when and how much the individual employee works. It gives you the optimal overview and makes it easier for you to do payrolling when the month is over. You also get access to the Calendar module, where you can easily get an overview of what the employees have reported on which days and projects.

With this plan, you get what Intempus is known for – time registration that creates an overview.

Standard plan

For companies who want to make the working day even easier

For DKK 99 per employee per month, the Standard plan includes features, that you will never live without again. If it is not enough for you to simply see when and how much your employees work, the Standard plan may be the right solution for you.

Integration to your salary and/or your accounting system

Most of our customers say that they will never go back to not have an integration. In short, this feature makes it possible for Intempus to talk to your salary, ERP and/or accounting systems.

Planning working hours

The planning module makes it easy to keep track of the employees’ working day and the various projects they are working on.

Clock in/clock out registration 

With Intempus Terminal you get a moderne and user-friendly clock in/clock out solution. The employees register via tablet or computer when they start, take breaks and finish the workday.

Pro plan

For companies who need GPS

For DKK 129 per user per month, with the pro plan you literally ‘the whole package’. The Pro plan is the full package at Intempus, and gives you all the features that make your everyday life easier.

GPS-tracking that documents the working day 

With GPS tracking, you can follow your employees throughout the working day. As an employee, you also have the option to add the GPS tracking to your registrations as documentation of your work, and use the GPS it to automatically check in on projects upon arrival at the project address.


Let your employees automatically earn tax-free mileage money in accordance with the 60-day rule, where employees can register tax-free kilometers for up to 60 days per work address.

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