Get more time for the important work

At Intempus, we know how important it is for companies to be in control of internal resources. That’s why we have created a system that makes it easy to register working hours and absences as well as to plan shifts for employees.

Intempus makes the work day easier

Clock-in/clock-out registration via terminal

Make it simple for your employees to register their working hours when they start and finish their working day. Intempus Terminal’s clock-in/clock-out system is for the modern production company that wants an overview and more efficiency.

Plan the employees’ working hours

Intempus’ planning module makes it simple for you to plan the employees’ working hours. Regardless of whether the employees work day shift or night shift, weekday or weekend, orders or shifts, it can be easily planned in Intempus.

Automatically management of overtime

Calculating overtime and keeping track of the overtime rules can require a lot of administrative work, but this can be handled easily and automatically. In Intempus, overtime rules can be set up in accordance with your collective agreement, so you can avoid all the hassle related to manual calculation of overtime.

Easy clock-in/clock-out registration

With Intempus’ Terminal solution your company can get an easy and efficient system for time registration. 

Correct time registration every time

Time registration is an unavoidable task that most employees have to deal with on a daily basis. But it can quickly require a lot of administrative work when the processes are not optimized and digitized.

Intempus Terminal makes clock-in/clock-out registration easy and efficient for all your employees. Shifts are quickly planned in Intempus’ planning system, and from there it is easy for all employees to check in and out of shifts at the Intempus Terminal.

The terminal can be accessed via a computer or tablet, which is set up in one or more places in the workplace where the employees have access, and then the employees can easily register their working hours when they come and go.

Employees can also check in and out via the Intempus App and register absences, milage and expenses.

+55.000 users bring Intempus to work every day

Quick and easy administration

No matter what type of time registration your company needs, the administrative tasks are made easy with the administration module. Your administration module will be tailored to your specific needs, so you only have to deal with the features that are relevant to your company. We can for example set up collective agreements, approval flow, balances and much more.

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