Start and stop the working time

The time punch clock is an effective tool for the employee on the move or the consultant who needs to report time for several tasks during the working day. In a modern workplace, you will find that the clock is digitized, which makes it easy to register the correct time for the tasks connected to different cases.

Easy time registration for the employee on the move

Everyone must report working hourswe can make it easy for you!

Soon it will be mandatory for all companies to get a time registration system for recording working hours. With an easy and tailored solution from Intempus, you ensure that you comply with all the requirements.

+40.000 users bring Intempus to work every day

How does the punch clock work?

Employees can register their working hours directly on projects by punching in time in the Intempus app. When the employee, for example, has customer work, it is simply a matter of starting the punch clock, and then you are in business. The clock works like a simple time punch machine that makes precise time tracking on projects easier than ever.

Along the way, it is possible to pause the clock and stop time when the task is completed. The working time will be registered in the complete time registration. Easy and efficient for the busy employee!

Time registration tailored to your working day

With Intempus, you can get a time registration solution that is adapted to your workflow. In this way, both you and your employees can focus on the important tasks in the company.

Easy time registration on the app

With the Intempus App, it is easy to record the working day on the go. With a few clicks, employees can register everything from working hours on projects, mileage, see planned work and get an overview of vacation days, expences etc. Of course, it is also possible to make the daily time registration on the computer.

Intempus Web

With Intempus Web you can register both time and absence. But this is also the place where you as an administrator can easily handle the daily administration work and maintain an overview of the employees’ attendance when they have used the punch clock or made other registrations.

We can ensure that you will save both time and trouble while getting a smooth administration.

Smart clock-in/clock-out registration with Intempus Terminal 

With Intempus Terminal, the daily clock-in/clock-out registration becomes easy and accessible to all your employees. Save time and trouble with digital time registration adapted to your company.

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