More time for real estate management – less time on administration

Intempus’ user-friendly time registration system makes your workday easier

Spend less time on boring tasks and optimize your real estate management

Register hours, products and machines

Intempus’ app is a user-friendly time tracking app for employees. The app makes it easy for employees to report their daily work, regardless of whether it concerns hours, materials, use of products, etc. Everything can be easily registered in Intempus.

Register mileage

If you drive to and from work projects, it can quickly become a time consuming affair to calculate distance and mileage allowance. With Intempus, you can avoid the hassle – we will calculate it all for you.

Plan work tasks

Intempus web makes the work time management easy for the administrators. You can easily plan employees’ work tasks directly in the system. The planner module provides a complete overview and ensures that employees will always have access to necessary information.

+40.000 users bring Intempus to work every day

Optimize the daily administration

Keep track of the work day with Intempus

With Intempus you can easily register the daily work on different projects. You can also register absences, machines and projects and mileage as well as handle expenses, invoicing and payroll with only a few clicks.

Get an effective real estate management

User-friendly administration

In addition, you get access to the administrator page. Here you can get a complete overview of all hours that have been registered. This means that you can always see how much time has been spent on the different projects and how many hours have been registered for each employee.

With Intempus, you can integrate to your payroll or accounting system so that all data from Intempus can be automatically transferred into the relevant systems. This makes work easier and eliminates manual work steps.

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