Register the entire working day

You might need to record much more than just time. Therefore, we have a number of features that make it easy to register e.g. products and machines, equipment and supplements. And with our smart image and document feature in Intempus, you can easily add documentation to your registrations.

Record much more than just time!

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Add all the important details to the registrations

Registration of products & machines

Registration of products
If various goods and materials are used in customer work, the employee can easily report it on various projects directly in the app.

The product index is typically transferred from the company’s financial system.

Registration of machines
Employees can easily register the machines they have used. If, for example, a mini digger has been used for a specific work task, the employee can add this in their time registration.

Registration of supplements

The employees ca register supplements in the app. The supplements can cover everything from shed supplements, on-call supplements, dirt supplements, waste fees or other things.

The company itself can create the necessary supplements with name, factor, price and unit, and then the employee can register the supplement so that it can be both invoiced and transferred to the payslip.

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