Connect time registration to salary and accounting

Do you want easy, effective and safe administration? Then let your different administration systems work together as one.

Choose systems that work together

Digital time registration connected to your salary system

Easy payroll processing month after month

In Intempus, you as an administrator, can get an overview of the data and approve the reports. Once the reports have been approved, they are ready to be transferred to the salary system. Here you choose which data should be included in the payroll, and after a few seconds the data is ready in your salary system to complete payroll.

Sådan sikrer overblik og kontrol hele vejen igennem, samtidig med at du bevarer effektiviteten, da du hverken skal rode med Excel-ark eller manuel indtastning.

This ensures a great overview and more control throughout, while maintaining efficiency, as you don’t have to mess with Excel sheets or manual processes.

How do your employees register working hours? With Intempus it becomes easy and efficient for everyone. Read more here!

Connect your accounting system to easy time registration 

Easy invoicing and financial overview of projects

Do you often bother with adding everything to your projects or cases? Does invoicing often take up a large chunk of the working day?

In Intempus, all data is collected from employees via app or computer. If your employees work on a project, they register working hours and any allowances, expenses, milage, products and machines, directly on the project. This way you always have an overview of the project costs and can invoice your customers quickly and easily.

Would you like to hear more about the possibilities of integrating Intempus to your salary or accounting system? Then feel free to send us a message here.

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