Ease the administrative tasks in your service company

Intempus eases the administrative work and make the work day more efficient

Digital time tracking

Intempus is user-friendly time tracking system that makes it easy for all types of employees – both the techinal sharks and those who feel more comfortable using pencil and paper – to register their working hours digitally on either an mobile or pc.

Plan the employees’ working hours

Intempus’ Planner module makes the planning your employees’ time and tasks easy and manageable. The planning module also provides you with an overview of your service business.

A system adapted to your business

Do you need us to set up Intempus according to your collective agreement rules? Do you use overtime, time off in lieu or something else? Intempus can be easily adapted to the needs in your company.

How you can save time and get a complete overview in your service company

Spend less time on the administrative tasks

With several different customers and different groups of employees you can quickly lose the overview in the everyday work life. That’s why more and more people in the service industry are turning to Intempus, which makes the administrative work easier.

Regardless of whether you have a cleaning company, a restaurant or something else, Intempus knows exactly what is needed to ease the administrative pressure. And of course Intempus can be adjusted to your specific needs.

“The previous chaos related to work slips is now all gone. At the same time, we can rely much heavier on the digital worksheets we have. Even the substitute workers who previously had som difficulties with work sheets, are praising the system. They basically all say ‘wow, this is a great system.’

Michael Joensen, Head of Sjællands Vikarservice

Easy and digital time registration on app

In the app, your employees can easily report the hours they have worked as soon as they have finished their task. This way you can ensure that the correct amount of hours are registered on the correct day. In addition to reducing the risk of errors, this also reduces the risk of discrepancies because the employee records the work right after the task is done.

At the same time, you can ensure a full overview of how much time has been spent in total and on each specific tasks, while at the same time your employees can keep an eye on how much they have worked in the past week, month or quarter.

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