Are you keeping track of the sick leave in your company?

Everyone gets sick once in a while, but how does your employees report it in your company?

Manage sick leave quickly and efficiently in your company

Make it easy for the employees to register sick leave

Your employees can easily register their sick leave directly on the mobile via app or on a PC. This means that the employees can always and immediately report sick hours – regardless of where they are.

When the employee registers sick leave, it becomes visible in the administration system right away. This is where you as an administrator can keep a full overview of all registrations and absences.

+40.000 users register their sick leave in Intempus

Maintain a complete overview of all balances including sick leave

With our Balance module, you and your employees always maintain a complete and updated overview of all time registrations, including sick leave. In the same way, you can keep track of the balances of vacation days, mileage, time off in lieu and much more.

See the absence rate for your employees

In the administrative system, you can always get an overview of the absence rate for each employee.

Get the handle of the rules for sick leave

Do you know the rules for illness during your vacation? Find out more about substitute leave (da: karensdage) and how you to manage sickness during a vacation as both a workplace and an employee.

How do you register the child’s first sick day? What do you do when it’s not the child’s first sick day anymore? Learn more about both this and much more in our blog universe, where we delve into different administrative topics.


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