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Intempus makes the working day easier for everyone in the company!

Everyone must report working hourswe can make it easy for you!

Soon it will be mandatory for all companies to get a time registration system for recording working hours. With an easy and tailored solution from Intempus, you ensure that you comply with all the requirements.

Discover all the benefits of digital time sheets

Use your time wisely. This is one of the best starting points for a succesfull business. At Intempus, we believe that the employee time sheets should be digital. And we dare to say that old-fashioned time sheets are not the way to spend your time in the most efficient way.

Nevertheless, it is still a popular way of documenting one’s work. Intempus wants to change that. That’s why we have created a time sheet app so that the time tracking employees can always register their work with just a few clicks.

Get the full overview with digital time sheets

Are you also easily losing track of employees’ working hours and projects?

With a time tracking software from Intempus, you avoid crumpled time worksheets, expense reports, receipts and allowances, since we make that part digital and a lot easier to handle. All information can easily be added to cases on Intempus’ app, which can then be viewed directly in Intempus’ administration system. This way, you avoid calculation time sheets manually – instead, the system does it for you”

In this way, no data is missed, but instead stored and fully accessible to approvers or administrators right after the employee has made it.

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